By commissioning me, you agree that you have read and understand my Terms of Service.
You must be 18 years of age or older to commission me.

Please note that I will ONLY accept payment in $ USD (United States Dollars) for commissions. 
E-checks and "snail mail" will not be accepted. Items such as virtual or physical goods will not be accepted. 

For standard commissions, all prices listed below are per character, meaning couples are x2 price.


My e-mail is and I will respond to inquiries within 48 hours.


Payment is processed via PayPal invoice. Full payment is to be made within 24 hours after an invoice is sent. Unpaid commissions will be cancelled after this time frame. Payment plans or partial payments will not be accepted. Commission inquiries sent "in advance" to be paid at a later date will not be accepted.


Payments sent prematurely, without confirmation, or marked as a "gift" via PayPal will be refunded immediately. I am not accepting commissions with deadlines at this time.

When you contact me and inquire about a commission, please try to keep the following in mind:

  • Please use the commission form in your e-mail! The form makes it easier for you to show what you want and what I will be drawing for you. It also makes our communication much quicker.

  • I cannot and will not be responsible for a client's budgeting. Please be sure that you have the means to purchase before asking for a commission- otherwise, do not request my services until you are able to do so.

  • Be prepared and know what specific character(s) you'd like me to draw. I will not choose from a gallery of multiple characters for you. Do not provide a collection of characters with the expectation of me having to pick and/or find images or the subject of what you want for your commission. It is an inconvenience to both parties and increases wait time.

  • I do not take text-only descriptions. Image references are required. Include only what is absolutely necessary. Text notes of anything not included in image references are acceptable. (Example: "[Character] wears gold stud earrings not shown in the references, and has a scar on the left cheek.")


  • If you do not have image references of a complete character, images of features (clothes, hair, eyes etc.) to explain a concept or appearance are acceptable. Reference images should be clear, and not pixelated or blurry.

  • I will not draw in an art style other than my own. You are commissioning me for my artwork, not somebody else's.


To purchase a commission, please use this form and send it to

I am almost always open for commissions! You do not need to ask if I have slots open; I will inform you if they are closed or unavailable. Feel free to send in the form plus image references. Include "Commission" in the subject.

Username: [Name you would like me to credit you with, or your social media handle]

PayPal Address: [Your paypal email]

Commission Type: [ex. Clean sketch portrait or chibi. Please use the EXACT names of the commission types on this page.]

Number of Characters: [1, 2, etc.]
References/Description: [Images are required. If you only have a description, please provide example images for your character such as skin color and clothing. For more information, check the Terms of Service.]

Other: [Any specifics such as poses, prompts, or artistic freedom.]

Prices & examples



Art drawn in "super deformed" or "chibi" style.
​Proportions may also be altered for stylization.

​Chibis are full body and flat color with minimal shading. Complex shading is not available for this commission type.


​Complex designs or requests may incur additional fees. Certain aspects of designs may be simplified for stylization.



A drawing in my standard style. 
Cel shading may be added upon request for an additional fee.


Thigh Up: $55
Full Body: $75


Add shading: +$15

​+$20 for armor or large wings

​Complex designs or requests may result in additional fees.

*Sketch pages contain a compilation of 3 various drawings of one character, one being fullbody.


Emotes made for Twitch or Discord. Personal use only, NOT for commercial use or merchandise.

Emote commissions include simple shading, but may be flat color upon request. Clients will receive the full size emote, 112 x 112, 56 x 56, and 28 x 28 pixel sizes.

$35 per emote

​Complex designs or requests may result in additional fees.



  • Original Characters

  • Fanart & fan characters

  • All genders (includes TRANS and/or intersex characters)

  • All sexualities (bi, pan, gay, polyamorous, etc.)

  • HumaNS, furries, monsters, & aliens

  • Couples (Romantic or Platonic)

  • Artistic/Tasteful Nudity

  • Softcore Gore/"Candy" Gore

  • Simple Backgrounds

  • real-life people

  • World of warcraft characters

  • Feral Animals

  • Mecha/Mechanical

  • Complex backgrounds

  • Misrepresentation, hate art, or fetishization of groups

  • Minors in sexual, violent, or incestuous-themed images


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